July 3-23, 2022 – Tour – Kinsey/Albrecht Fertility & Best Agri Practices in the USA

Five Day Course – Building Soil Health for Crop Quality and Higher Yields

DAY ONE – Introduction:
Kinsey Agricultural Services, Inc.
Who we are.  A consulting company.  80 associates.
What we do.
Receive soils for analysis and recommendations from US and 75+ other countries.
Conduct training courses for clients and associates.
On-site consulting.
How this program began.
Soil tests and declining alfalfa and soybean yields.
Dr. William A. Albrecht – professor emeritus of soils, University of Missouri.
The Albrecht soil fertility Program
Soil Microbiologist
Legume inoculants and results
The soil fertility connection
Verification and recent research
Worldwide applications of solutions through use of soil science
Biology, physics and chemistry
Soil colloids & organic colloids

DAY TWO – Long-range needs and considerations for soil improvement – from better to best.
Soil fertility
Soil biology, soil life and the essentials for soil health.
The role of organic matter and humus.
Conservation, cover crops, compost and manures.
How much is enough?
The law of the minimum.
The Law of the Maximum.
Understanding the Albrecht soil analysis.
Explanation of terms.
TEC and base saturation
Identifying Good and Bad Soils
Soil sampling – Guidelines and principles.
Correctly taking samples is the first key to correct advice.
Methods and considerations.
Soil worksheets.
How to Measure and Change Soil Structure for Positive Results.
The important influence of Calcium and Magnesium on soil structure.
The proper uses of soil pH.

DAY THREE – Use and Influence of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium & Sodium in Soil Fertility.
Calcium and its Applications in Building the Most Fertile Soils.
Magnesium and its Influence on soil structure and soil fertility.
Potassium and fertility considerations.
Sodium – When and why is it important?
Cation Displacement Testing

DAY FOUR – Nitrogen, Phosphate and Sulfur.
Considering nitrogen for soils and crops.
Phosphate – Crop needs and timing.
Testing and measuring P needs
Soil Feeders and Plant feeders.
Products and considerations.
Sulfur – Crop benefits.
Sulfur vs. sulfate use.
Nutrient relationships in soils and plants.
Adequate vs. too little vs. too much.
Using sulfur to control excesses.

Day Five – Micronutrients for soils and crops.
Boron, iron, manganese, copper and zinc.
Cobalt, molybdenum, selenium and silicon.
Dealing with soil compaction.
Using biological products effectively.



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